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I've been an eclectic hedge/kitchen witch for many years now. I first found out about witchcraft from a friend back in middle school and I've been practicing since. I hope to help people along their journey and help me with my own. If anyone has any questions they would like me to answer; leave a comment or e-mail me at catz_r_kool_9@hotmail.com and I'll answer as best as I can in my next blog. Best wishes to all!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I just signed in and saw that I have 13 followers. We're a coven! lol
And I haven't gotten the chance to get/read Utterly Wicked Tracy. I just haven't the time honestly.

Now on to what I actually meant to write.
I'm sure many of you are familiar with the concept that witches used to spread "flying" ointments on their bodies to go to their Sabbaths (supposedly to hang out with the devil for a while). Those ointments are believed to have been made out of various herbs - usually consisting of hemlock, mandrake, hen bane and/or belladonna. All such herbs contain hallucinogens, not to forget some are poisonous.

I'm not saying you should start mixing these herbs together (far from it! Mandrake and belladonna are HIGHLY poisonous. NEVER consume these or other poisonous herbs without knowing EXACTLY what you're doing!) but rather these ointments where used to insure the safe journey to and from the Sabbath.

Jump to the present day and we're not riding brooms to Sabbaths anymore (for the most part). We're using cars, buses or even trains and planes now. But just because we're not using brooms doesn't mean that we shouldn't use some protection. Accidents still happen. And when we are gathering to celebrate something wondrous dying afterwards definitely kills the moment (no pun intended).

There are various Deities you can turn to for protection. From Ekahau, Dosojin, Min, Chun-kuei, Hermes, Janus, Adeona, Hasamelis and even Lam Lha. I personally would call on Artemis because I work mostly with the Greek pantheon. Plus she's the Goddess of the hunt! She's supposed to be able to go hunt and then come back. No accidents involved! A great thing to do is grab something that symbolizes your deity (be it a picture, an object like an apple or pine cone or something, or various herbs and stones that are associated with your deity). Ask for a blessing from your God or Goddess to protect you on your trip and carry the object that invokes their presence to you.

If you're in a pickle though. You can grab a small mirror (preferably something small so you can slip it in your purse/bag/pocket) and hold the mirror in front of you so you're looking at it. Turn it counterclockwise three times and say this each time:

Dilemmas deflect, evil avert
bad luck reflect, all problems divert

Then turn it clockwise three times and say:

(Deity of choice), in this mirror shine
so that safety will me mine

Happy travels!

Spell belongs to Goddess in My Pocket
by Patricia Telesco