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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Cleansing Bath

I know sometimes I just want to kill people. It's stressful having to work long shifts and in my job, I'm a telemarketer, you have to deal with the general public for hours on end.
Needless to say, at the end of the week I'm usually a bundle of nerves who just wants to find a rock to crawl under and just sleep for a month. I got the basis of this ritual bath from MagicTV's ritual Bath video and then added to it to make it a bit more me.
What I do is do this spell/ritual bath and it refreshes me every time.

What you need:
  • Preferably a bath tub, though a shower will do
  • A hand full of Sea salt, though regular salt is ok
  • A tea ball or cheese clothe with string
  • Various herbs, such as Rosemary, Sage, Caraway, Chives, Catnip, Coriander, Ginger, Black Pepper, any herb that promotes protection, clarity, cleansing or soothing (Catnip is rest)
  • If you have it, Lavender oil or bubble bath, anything that soothes you
  • White candles (though they are not necessary)
  • A mirror, can even be your bathroom mirror
  • Anointing Oil, preferably sandalwood but olive oil is just as good (and cheaper lol)
Fill the tub with warm water; not too hot to burn, but not too cold to make it uncomfortable. As the water is filling the tub, put the herbs in the tea ball/cheese clothe and through it into the water, including the hand full of salt and lavender oil or bubble bath as well.
Light any candles that you have a turn off the lights, if you don't have candles then leave the lights on. Before getting into tub, take a moment and ground yourself. Feel the energies around you and breath in and our deeply until you feel ready. You can say a little something like "Oh Goddess, help me to cleanse myself and to release everything that is holding me back". Get into the tub.
Rinse yourself in the tub, covering every part of your body and then lay back and get comfortable. Lay there and feel everything melt into the water. Imagine it's rinsing away everything that is bad and causing you trouble. Take your time to visualize this.
Now, think back, maybe over the week, month and/or year. Think back and think about anything that has held you back in anyway. If anything has come up, acknowledge it and say something like "I acknowledge that __this__ has held me back, and I release it so it may never trouble me again." If any random thoughts come to you, release them. Don't focus on anything but the moment you're in the bathroom.
Take a moment and relax, breathing deeply in and out for a few minutes. Remain as long as comfortable (not too comfortable to fall asleep though!). Rise out of the tub and think back to everything that you had let go. Unplug the drain and imagine everything that was troubling you wash down the drain, being carried by the water. Don't dry off, let the air air-dry you. Look into the mirror and start at yourself. Remind yourself that you are a good person and tell yourself that you love yourself and that you're the child of your deity.
Take the anointment oil and put a little on your fingers. Anoint your feet saying, "Blessed be my feet, may they always walk on sacred paths." Then anoint your knees, "Blessed be my knees, that I may kneel at the altar of (insert your deity's name)." Then anoint your pubic area, "Blessed be my second chakra, that I may bring forth life and art and joy." Then anoint the center of your chest, "Blessed be my heart, that I my love and receive love." Then your lips, "Blessed be my mouth, that I speak the words of power." Then anoint the center of your forehead, "Blessed be my mind's eye, that I may see the unseen and recieve the messages from spirit." Finally, anoint the top of your head, " Blessed be my crown, that I may be one with (spirit, deity, your deity) always."
When done, look into the mirror again and say something like, "With everything that I have released, let it be filled with love. So mote it be."
And you're done! Clean up and release any extra energy/ground yourself.

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  1. See, now I thought I was the only one who begins a sentence with "I know sometimes I just want to kill people" :)

    I will definitely give this a try...maybe today!