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I've been an eclectic hedge/kitchen witch for many years now. I first found out about witchcraft from a friend back in middle school and I've been practicing since. I hope to help people along their journey and help me with my own. If anyone has any questions they would like me to answer; leave a comment or e-mail me at catz_r_kool_9@hotmail.com and I'll answer as best as I can in my next blog. Best wishes to all!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Simple Magical Herbal Teas

Making a herb tea is a great way of using the power of a herb. These can be made my pouring a cup of hot water over a teaspoon of powered or crushed herbs and allow to steep for 2-5 mins (I personally use one of those metal tea balls). Strain and drink up!

  • To ward off negative energies drink Sage tea (highly protective energies)
  • To encourage love energies, try a mixture of orange rind, rosehip and cinnamon. Makes a delicious tea, especially if you add a little honey
  • To attract luck and opportunity, make lemongrass tea and place an almond in the tea pot
  • To draw abundance and wealth, try a mix of one part ginger and one-eighth part each of clove and nutmeg
  • For drawing courage, use herbs like parsley, raspberry leaf, nettle, aniseed and ginger

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